Blog Post : Posters from the files of the Jewish Culture Foundation at NYU, 1959-1990

Posters from the files of the Jewish Culture Foundation at NYU, 1959-1990 | Anonymous (not verified) | Dec 19, 2012

Senior Sam Cohen went digging through NYU's archives to find materials from the JCF, NYU's precursor to Hillel. Here's what he found...

For my project, I scanned and catalogued a sampling of program flyers and posters created by the NYU Jewish Culture Foundation from 1959 to 1990. These documents are stored in the files of the Jewish Culture Foundation, which are found in NYU's University Archives.

The JCF was the Jewish student organization at NYU, and was a precursor to Hillel. It was founded in June 1937 by Abraham Katsh, a faculty member at the university. The mission of the JCF was to provide Jewish programming and educational support to NYU students. A small staff of 2-3 people worked out of the NYU student center to coordinate programming and a student board.

The purpose of archiving these posters is to get a sense of what programs occurred at the Jewish Culture Foundation and what tactics were used to market to students. The programs were almost entirely student-generated, as are the posters."Laza" was the name for the non-Orthodox student group. "Segulah" was the name for the Orthodox student group. "The Flame" was NYU's Jewish newspaper in the 1970s.

There is no information to be found online about the Jewish Culture Foundation--it had been replaced by Hillel by the time the internet was reaching scale (the mid-1990s). There is brief historical information in the NYU Library's finding aid for the JCF files, but further information must be attained from the files themselves.

Here's the link to the rest of the posters:

And yes, you could apply for student leadership positions in 1977...