Blog Post : The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In!  | erica.frankel | Nov 11, 2013

The Reviews Are In!

Read what people are saying about SHMUTZ'S production of "Faceforward: Growing up in Nazi Germany"


It was extremely moving. Every aspect of it, from the Jewish girl to the unsupportive righteous gentile to the Nazi, hit home for me as well as for the people I conversed with afterward. The acting was superb and the music accompanying it set a perfect tone. Great job to everyone who participated! It was a beautiful commemoration ceremony. (Ariana Genet, 2017)


Your play really captured the lives of teenagers in general at the time of the war in Germany, which I had never seen. I have seen movies and shows about Jews in Nazi Germany or Europe but not as much so about Nazi or German teens of that time and the struggles they faced. (Michael Lefkovits, 2017)


SHMUTZ gave a moving performance. I was blown away by their talent and dedication, an incredible event. [The character of Marian probably resonated with me the most, demonstrating] how easy it is to be influenced by propaganda. (Emma Stein, 2017)


It was really an incredible opportunity to be able to work with such a great group of people! One of the challenges was effectively portraying the roles of three contrasting characters. I've been in a number of shows but, as the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor, this was one of the most meaningful performances that I've done. (Rebecca Cushman, Cast Member, 2014)


Playing a part in arranging and performing the music for the commemoration was an extremely moving experience for me. From the haunting rendition of “Oyf’n Pripetshok” for viola, cello, and voice to the ending notes of "Rememberance" that I played alone on stage, I felt more than ever the responsibility to be a conduit -- not only for the emotions of the night, but for hope. The tension of the audience in the air was tangible, and many (including myself) fought back tears. But during the play, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of power in the fact that this play was happening -- that we live in an era where we know that the horrors of the Holocaust are, thank God, a tangible reality and an ever-present reality for Jews no longer. (Laura Adkins, Violist, 2016)


In response to the play, I would just say that it was really an amazing experience working with everyone. If I could say something was hard it was the time commitment and huge amount of hours we put in, but there was really nothing more rewarding than putting on that show. Best moment ever was when I got through with my last line and just sort of got to take it all in (without worrying about forgetting my lines)! It was amazing! (Ari Liberman, Cast Member, 2016)


Meaningful/Memory/Social Action/Talent/Quaint/Student Initiative/Inspiration/Experiencing a familiar room in the Bronfman Center being transformed into a quaint stage for this production made the presence of the characters, messages and themes in, "Face Forward," all the more engaging and accessible. I am inspired by my friends’ and fellow students’ initiative in taking Holocaust rememberance upon their shoulders and producing this play… The performance was very powerful! (Tali Kuhel, Play Critic, 2016)


Performing the play in front of a packed room was very special and made all the hours of rehearsal worth it. I am very proud of everyone involved for working so quickly to put together a truly moving show. Dealing with such a weighty topic places a great burden on the performers and I am happy that we were able to honor the subject matter appropriately. (Jared Oliff-Lieberman, Cast Member, 2016)


"Face Forward" at Bronfman was such an amazing experience. My favorite part was collaborating with the cast. It was fun not to have one authoritative figure but instead work together to create a beautiful piece of theatre. I'm really gonna miss spending time with the cast. (Taylor Miller, Cast Member, 2016)


I can't do it justice. (Josh Voss, Vocalist, 2017)