Bridges Shabbat

Bridges Shabbat 
Friday, March 8, 2013 - 6:30pm

Bronfman Center

On Friday March 8th, Bridge's will be hosting its most popular event of the year, the Bridge's Jum'ah/Shabbat, an event that emphasizes learning about one another's religion and religious ceremonies. Dinner will be follwed by a lecture led by NYU's president, John Sexton. 


1:15 pm - Jummah Services (Grand Hall, GCASL)

5:30 pm - Services begin in GCASL

                  Orthodox Services (C95, GCASL)

                  Indie Minyan (475 GCASL)

                  Progressive Services (465 GCASL) 

7:00 pm - Dinner in GCASL Grand Hall with President John Sexton and our friends from the Islamic Center. Read more. 

7:30 pm - NYU President, John Sexton, speaks on the topic of interfaith and what that means growing up in today's world. Read more


9:15 am - Morning services (2nd Floor, BC)

11:15 am - Kiddush (1st floor, BC)

11:40 am - Shiur (2nd floor, BC)

5:20 pm - Mincha and seudah shlishit (2nd floor, BC)

6:30 pm - Maariv/Havdalah (2nd floor, BC)