Friday Night Lights Shabbat

Friday Night Lights Shabbat 
Friday, November 16, 2012 - 7:00pm

Bronfman Center

Shabbat Schedule


4:20 PM - Orthodox/Traditional services (5th floor, GCASL)
4:30 PM - Independent/Egalitarian services (Room 465, GCASL)

5:45 PM - Shabbat on Wheels. Details here:

6:00 PM - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - hosted meals with great food on many floors featuring special sit-down dinners this week! (Bronfman Center)

7:30 PM - See LEGENDARY HYPNOTIST JOHN CERBONE! Trust us, this is a Friday night entertainment you will not want to miss. Just youtube him - its mind blowing. (GCASL, 5th floor)

8:30 PM - Tisch (food + singing) @ BC

9:15 AM - Orthodox services (BC, 2nd floor)

11:15 AM-Kiddush/Snack (BC, 1st floor)
11:40 AM-Shiur/Class (2nd floor)

12:30 PM-Lunch @ Rabbi and Dr. Sarna's apt (310 3rd Ave) featuring PROFESSOR RONALD ZWEIG, Chair of the Taub Center for Israel Studies. RSVP requested.

3:25 PM - Daf Yomi/Talmud Study (BC, 2nd floor)
4:10 pm - Afternoon services (BC, 2nd floor) followed by seudah shlishit/food (1st floor)
5:20 PM - Evening services/havdalah (2nd floor)