Havdalah Circle

Havdalah Circle 
Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 7:00pm

Meet at the Bronfman Center

Come join progressive Jews at NYU in our new weekly Havdalah jam! Havdalah Circle is a new opportunity for progressive Jews (Reform, Reconstructionist, non-denom, etc.) who like the singing and communal side of Judaism without the long services. Each week we'll do a short Havdalah service (approximately 8 minutes and 17 seconds) and then hang out until "whenevs."

This will bounce from one person's apartment to another's, and this week it's at Bryan Meisel's place. Meet at the Bronfman Center at 6:00 Saturday night and our service leaders Tuli Etedgi and Kesley Krull will lead you over!

Bonus points for bringing a buddy and double bonus points for offering your (off-campus) apartment for a future service! For questions email Jay Herman at jdh420@nyu.edu.