Israel Friday Night Lights Shabbat

Israel Friday Night Lights Shabbat 
Friday, November 30, 2012 - 6:30pm

Bronfman Center

Get ready for Friday Night Lights Shabbat & 3 Comedians!

Full Shabbat schedule:


4:15 - Orthodox services in the Grand Hall of GCASL

4:20 - Partnership services in GCASL 461

5:20 - Indie services on 5th floor, Bronfman Center

5:30 - Israel-themed Friday Night Lights dinner at the Bronfman Center! Have a traditional meal in Jerusalem, a vegetarian meal in Tel Aviv, try some Israeli street food in Tsfat and come for a BBQ in Eilat!*

6:25 - Shabbat on Wheels leave for Congregation Beit Simchat Toarah

7:30 - Comedy show in the Grand Hall of GCASL featuring Danny Jolles, Josh Gondelman, and Harrison Greenbaum



9:15 - Services (2nd Floor of Bronfman Center)

11:15- Kiddush (1st floor Bronfman Center)

11:40- Shiur (2nd Floor Bronfman Center)

12:30 - Lunch at the Sarnas (Gramercy Green) - All are invited, RSVP requested.

4:00 - Mincha (2nd Floor) followed by Seudah Shlishit (1st floor)

5:10 - Maariv/ Havdalah (2nd floor)