M.E.A.T - meet, eat, and Torah

M.E.A.T - meet, eat, and Torah 
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 8:00pm

Bronfman Center

MEAT is not sponsored this week :( Please contact any of the hosts on this event if you, family or friends would be interested. Great way to give back after all that MEAT has given to the community. Co-sponsors are welcome!

This week's Lectures:

- STUDENT LECTURE: By Michael Feder
"Jews and Romans in the Ancient World: Friends, Foes, or Both?"
With Chanukah approaching, we often recall an image of the ancient world in which the Jews were constantly persecuted and hated because of their religious beliefs. Is this image correct? Were Jews always seen as bizarre and different from everyone else? We will explore the Roman-Jewish relationship, and how the Romans viewed Jewish religious beliefs, to gain a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between Jews and the rest of the ancient world.

- Rabbi Gideon Black: HIP HOP TORAH
"Lauren Hill's Doo Wop, Rebbe Akiva and His Wife: Lessons in Sexuality and Marriage"

- Micheal Langer: "The Prophets and the Oral Law"

- Natan Goldstein: "The importance of being cool, calm and collected." Ethical Dilemmas in the Weekly Parsha.

- Hevruta Learning will also be held