Friday, February 8, 2013 - 6:00pm

Bronfman Center

SHABBAT UPDATE: Due to Nemo's presence, dinner at the Bronfman Center and the Progressive, Partnership, and Indie services are cancelled for tonight.  Orthodox services are still happening on the 5th floor of GCASL at 5, with Weinstein dinner at 6:35!
If everything clears up tomorrow, Rabbi Sarna will still having his weekly lunch at Gramercy at 12:30.

Shabbat shalom!       

Friday, 2/8/13

5:00 pm.     Orthodox Services - Grand Hall, 5th floor, GCASL

6:35 pm.     Dinner - Weinstein Dining Hall (followed by dessert at the Bronfman Center)

Saturday, 2/9/13                       

9:15 am.      Morning services - 2nd floor, BC                          

11:15 am.     Kiddush - 1st floor, BC                     

11:40 am.     Shiur - 2nd floor, BC                         

12:30 pm.    Lunch at Rabbi and Dr. Sarna's apartment in Gramercy Green - RSVP Here.              

5:00 pm.      Mincha - 2nd floor, BC; seudah shlishit - 1st floor                    

6:10 pm.      Maariv/Havdalah - 2nd floor, BC